Voice of Tomorrow

The Prophetic Sound of Bob Schrecengost




  Bob Schrecengost was born in Cleveland, Ohio and functions in the five fold Ministry office of a prophet.

You will find that Bob's services are not only marked by anointed times of Praise and Worship, but of intercession, teaching and encouragement.

Bob was called to preach the gospel at age 14. Now just past 40 years of age the calling and mantle of anointing resides even stronger. After serving over 17 years as a local assistant pastor in three separate churches, Bob has embraced his true love of full time itinerate ministry as a prophet to the Nations. Bob has been an ordained minister since 1983. Bob carries a deep respect for the local pastor. A desire for the region he ministers in, also an anointing of impartation to the local Congregation.

Bob ministers in music prophetically as well. Most nights with just the guitar in hand and the Holy Spirit in heart and mouth, Bob will prophetically proclaim the Lord's heart to the people in song some nights for hours before ministering the word and then imparting prophetically to the people.

A Graduate of Logos bible college, Bob has a tremendous desire to not only grow in the knowledge of the word, but to share that knowledge. Always keeping a joyful lighthearted atmosphere in his meetings, Bob's messages are truly that, messages. Teachings from the heart of God, seemingly intimately created for each member of the congregation.

Bob is an ordained minister through The Third Day Fellowship of Greensboro North Carolina.

Bob has traveled through South America, Africa, Canada and the United States sharing the Word of God. Spreading joy, prophesying hope and building the Kingdom of God tirelessly with no seeming end in sight.

Make plans to attend a gathering with Bob soon and receive a Voice of Tomorrow.

Pastoral Reference

  Bob Schrecengost is an ordained minister through Third Day Fellowship. As an ordained minister he highly respected by his peers as an anointed evangelist and prophet. God is bearing him witness through his accurate prophetic words and dynamic preaching. His no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air to those who sit under his ministry. As his apostle I find him to be approachable and accountable to his fellow ministers of the Gospel. His life represents the highest standard of Christ centered ministry.

As one who has opened the door many times for Bob, I recommend him and believe that he carries the seed of revival wherever he goes. Even though religious critics may not appreciate his dynamic style, have no doubt that he is Spirit led, with only a desire to bring honor and glory to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He is a stick that stirs, but that is what makes his on-time word effective in this age of complacency.

On a personal level I have been privileged to receive at his hands words of knowledge and prophecy so accurate that no one can doubt the anointing he carries. Feel free to contact me with any other questions about Bod and his right standing in the Third Day Fellowship.

Apostle Van Tanner


We would recommend Bob to any ministry, big or small, that desires for a prophetic minister to come and edify the body of Christ. Bob is a positive and uplifting prophet who seeks the Lord with all his heart and will uplift your life. Bob is flexible, respectful and honorable in his life and ministry. Bob ministers the Word in song, in preaching, in teaching and in prophecy. He is the real deal!

Dr. Stan and Jodie Gravely
New Hope Fellowship
Kernersville, NC


Bob Schrecengost is my friend. I trust his character, because he has a hunger to walk with Jesus. I have worked with him in Nova Scotia, Canada since I came to work at my current assignment, and he and his ministry have blessed and helped many. I have been in the prayer room with him as he has poured out his heart to God for the people, and I have said to myself this man knows God and knows how to get answers in prayer. I recommend him to any church that wants to walk in the revelation of the Spirit and embrace God's personal word for their life and context.

Pastor Frank Willoughby
City Heights Church
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


I have had the pleasure and privilege of working along side of Bob in the Truro area for over three years. I first met Bob at the City Heights Church in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Since our first meeting, I have seen God do spectacular things through Bob. It is awesome to see people encouraged and helped in the Lord. When Bob comes to Truro, God uses him to minister to Christians from different Churches so that they can be a greater blessing where they are at. Bob's desire is to see local Churches strengthened and encouraged. I look forward to seeing more people encouraged, healed and set on fire for the Lord when Bob comes.

I have personally received ministry from the Lord through Bob. What God has spoken has come to pass in my life and business. I have seen God speak into the lives of those around me, and profoundly change their lives forever. It is refreshing to see a minister of the Lord who is so focused on giving the glory to God. Bob's ministry is truly unique and Christ focused.

Jeff Brown
Truro, Nova Scotia Region Prophetic Meetings Coordinator


Bob Schrecengost is a true prophet and servant of our Saviour Jesus Christ. His ministry is well rounded, able to refresh people of all ages by the power of the Holy Spirit. His music ministry will lead you into spending moments in the presence of God. His teaching ministry will leave you with thoughts to ponder and reflect upon throughout your day. The prophetic ministry will bring the Words of God down from the throne room to you revealing God's destiny for your life, therefore bringing hope for your tomorrows. If you are in need for a moment in God's presence; if you are in need for a thought reflecting message in God's Word for today; if you're in need for a word of hope for your tomorrows, then Bob's ministry if for you. He has been a tremendous blessing to our church.

Pastor Wanda Grant
Gospel Fellowship Church
Port Hawkesbury, NS Canada


In the summer of 2008, I received a prophetic word from Prophet Bob Schrecengost. This word contained specific events that would take place and business strategies that I would need in the upcoming months. These strategies launched my own real estate business in November of that year. During one of the worst seasons in real estate I sold 14 houses in my first month. This type of prophetic revelation is a common occurrence for the many friends and family I have brought to Bob's meetings. In my experience, the level of accuracy in Bob's prophetic ministry is second to none.

John Jackson
Prophetic Outreach Director
Pendelton, Indiana


Bob's forthright presentation of the Word of God and his bold representation of the Kingdom of God will enrich your life, inspire your heart and establish unforgettable truth into all who have ears to hear.

Having been in active ministry for over fifty years, I can say without reservation that Bob's anointing and gifting, accompanied by a desperate desire to bring valid and helpful change to the lives of people, will bring credit to your church, your conference or your house meetings. In addition to all that, He is personallly approachable, wholesomely sympathetic and alwalys ready to serve at any level.

Eric Vernelson
Pastor: Living Faith Church
Wilson, N. C.


It has been my privilege to know Bob for many years. I first met him as we worked together on staff at a local church. During those early years, Bob and I worked very closely together, so close in fact, that he stood with me in my wedding as a groomsman. Now, many years later, it is my privilege to stand with him and provide some insight into his person and ministry. I have never personally known anyone with more passion for Jesus and touching people than Bob Schrecengost. Get him involved in a conversation about people or Jesus and you will see Bob become even more animated than he usually is. He is a unique man. A man called and gifted to demonstrate God's incredible love and grace to everyday, ordinary people. He is in many ways a pioneer, because he willingly goes where many people will not. Homeless shelters, prisons, the ghettos. You name it, he's been there! Excepting people, loving them , telling them of God's love and providing prophetic connection that demonstrates God knows, God cares and God is powerful!

Lee Anderson
Riverside Church


Prophet Bob Schrecengost has ministered in my church for over 6 months consecutively. His insight into the word of God is remarkable; his prophecies are straight arrows of revelation from the Lord.

Pastor Carroll Missik
Living Word Church
Hermitage, PA


The anointed power packed ministry of Prophet Bob Schrecengost will catapult you into tomorrow. Through prophetic worship, God's glory is manifested and lives are changed.

Pastors Scott and Cindy Schnizler
Gate Stormers Ministries,
Greater Indianapolis, IN


Prophet Bob Schrecengost came to our church and released a word from God over our people that will have an on-going affect in our body for years. This ministry released us into a higher level as a church.

Pastors Joe and Debbie Burkett
She-muel Fellowship
Worthville, PA


Prophet Bob Schrecengost has brought such a sense of hunger for intimacy with the Lord to our church and to us personally. As prophetic revelation has come forth it has caused change to the spiritual climate of our region and increased expectancy at our church. Bob's ministry brings freedom from the past, peace in our present, and hope for tomorrow.

Pastors Quincy and Stacey Murphy
New Jerusalem Center
Linton, IN


Bob cares about nothing more than hearing from heaven for the benefit of the body of Christ. He has spoken life-changing words into me as well as my wife and children. He is the most humble servant of God I have ever met. The Lord uses that humility to speak clearly and specifically through Bob to His body.

Pastors Bill and Nancy Giuliani
Greater Pittsburgh, PA


I like him...I like him a lot...

Lloyd Christmas
Aspen, Colorado